Couple Caught Having Sex in Boracay Kept Things Going in the Police Truck

Boracay has always been a very popular tourist destination here in the Philippines. Even though the vibe no longer has the same party vibe it once had, tourists still flock to the island to enjoy the white sand and the ocean. Still, it seems like things can still get pretty wild on Boracay.

Last Thursday, for example, a British woman and an Australian man got down and dirty on Bulabog Beach, where they were eventually arrested for having sex in public – and the sun was still out, too! The couple allegedly had sex on the beach during the afternoon, where many locals and even children witnessed them doing the deed. The police station was notified at around 5:45PM and when they said that when they arrived on scene to reprimand the couple, they still didn’t stop what they were doing.

Boracay White Beach

Police Corporal Joel Banga-ora shares that the couple was so drunk that they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other – even in the back of the police truck after they were handcuffed to be brought to the station! The couple was later charged with grave scandal and disobedience with a bail of Php9,000. They were released later that day with a trial scheduled for later this month. The couple will be banned from the Philippines if they don’t show up for the trial.

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