Could Superman Actually Be Richer Than Batman?

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just around the bend (it starts showing this week!!!), the hype for the DC fandom is currently sky high! So far, fans have already chosen their sides as they await one of the most anticipated superhero films of the year.

Now, nobody has thought about it, but one particular website, The Bitbag, has pointed out to us that Superman could actually potentially be richer than Batman. “Supes has a lot of untapped assets that can easily overshadow the Dark Knight’s,” they said – and they actually provided us with figures to prove it.

Check out their infographic here:

Infographic courtesy of

Batman Vs Superman: The Man Of Steel Can Buy Off The Dark Knight And We Have Proof To Show

Apparently, just because Bruce Wayne is a millionaire doesn’t mean he’s going to be richer than Clark Kent. According to The Bitbag, “Superman has a lot of assets that can earn him billions more than Batman. Plus, Batman has to pay a lot of taxes and has a lot of liabilities to take care of. There’s also the fact that he’s human and requires regular health care.” Read the full article on The Bitbag here.

What are your thoughts on this? 🙂