Couch Potatoes Will Love Lounging on the Sofa With This Cooling Mat

Filipinos will agree that lounging on the couch while watching TV is the best way to spend quality time with the family! The sofa is the most used piece of furniture in our homes and yet, it is one of the most difficult things to clean. It involves a lot of things like a vacuum, steamer, and fabric upholstery. Plus, the procedure takes forever to get done that sometimes, we just convince ourselves that it is still fine or it is not yet due for cleaning when it really is. I mean, imagine spending an entire hot summer afternoon on it for months and leaving it be. Like, ew!

Well, most people use throw blankets or a sofa cover to repel spills and stains. While we agree that this is a smart move, we found something even better on Shopee–a sofa cooling mat! You might have already seen these cooling mats for mattresses but we need one for our couches too, right?

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Needless to say, you can easily wash them once they get smelly and dirty because they are detachable. Although the coolest thing about these sofa cushion covers is that they are made of ice silk–a smooth, cool, breathable, antistatic, and anti-ultraviolet type of fabric. This means that it will keep you cool even when you lounge on it for hours!

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The washable sofa covers come in different designs and different sizes too, so click here to check it out on Shopee now!

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