PSA: You Need This Cooling Mattress Topper

Not everyone has the luxury of buying an air conditioner or keeping it running all day. As much as we want to keep them on for longer hours, they take up a huge percentage of our electricity bills and the extra cost is just something we cannot afford especially during a pandemic. However, we still need to have a good night’s sleep to function well in the morning. If only there is something we can do about the summer heat that wakes us up every night, am I right?

One of the solutions I have thought of is using a cooling mattress topper. I saw this ice silk sleeping mat on Shopee which has a polyester fiber material for breathability and an ice silk fabric that’s cooling, soft to touch, and does not get easily wet by your sweat. Moreover, they are also made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.

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The product is very suitable to use during summer because it says that as the weather gets hotter, the mat gets cooler. It can easily be attached to your mattress with its wear-resistant edge and four corners of elastic fixed bands. Each cooling pad is available in different designs and sizes (single, queen, and king) and comes with free matching pillowcase (or pillowcases, depending on the size you purchase).

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