Costa Rican National Shares Bad Experience on Taxi Ride from NAIA Terminal 2

Costa Rican National Shares Bad Experience on Taxi Ride from NAIA Terminal 2



A Costa Rican national sent us a message to voice out his bad experience with a taxi ride from NAIA Terminal 2 supposedly going to Ortigas. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to reach his destination with this ride due to the argument and disagreement between the driver and him while he was in the cab.

From his message, he said that he arrived last August 22, Friday, at around 1:30AM, in NAIA Terminal 2. He took an ordinary metered taxi and he was heading to BSA Towers in Ortigas until such unfortunate event happened.

Here’s the full story that he sent us.

Hello Guys,

I am Pablo from Costa Rica, I come to Philippines like every 2 months for work training. I arrived Friday, 22nd, (in) Terminal 2 at 1:30 am, since I come here a lot I know that airport taxis are more expensive than the regular ones so I went to the second floor to get a regular taxi. Some guy starts offering me taxi service. He ask me where I’m going so I tell him BSA towers in Ortigas. He said, “Ok, lets go, 1000pesos.” I said, “No.” I come here a lot and that is super expensive. I tell the guy, only with meter. He says no. This other guy comes to me and says, “Come, I put meter.” I said, “Ok, lets go.”

He puts my luggage in the back of the taxi, I sit on the back, a 2nd guy comes in the taxi too. He sits in the passenger sit in the front. He is wearing the same shirt as the taxi driver, if I am not wrong, is red. We start moving and the driver tells the his friend to put the meter for him. Then, he tells me that “the rate is 200pesos every 1000meters” and I say, “Yeah, yeah” but not putting too much attention because I was putting some load on my phone. I just told myself, the meter is on (so) whatever it is ok. I’m having a hard time putting the load and the guy says again “just to remind you it’s 200pesos every 1000pesos (meters)” and I’m still putting load on the phone and I didn’t answer. Like 10 minutes later, the guy repeats the same again and I did the math and that was super expensive, distance according to Google Maps is 17km (so) total would be 3400 pesos. I tell the guy, “Hey, but the meter is running and I’ll pay what it says”, (and) he says, “The meter number means kilometers.” I say, “NO, that is money, pesos. I’ll pay the pesos that it says.”

He starts driving faster, like angry and speaking in Tagalog with the other guy. I tell him stop right here. He says, “No.” and keeps driving. He takes a road the (that) goes to a neighborhood and I don’t know where I am. He keeps driving in circles and arguing. I call a Phiilipina (Filipina) friend and ask to help me and she ask to talk to the guy. I pass the phone and she tell him, bring him to my place in Fort. He hangs up and keeps the phone. (I) tell him, “Give it to me, you are robbing me. That is my property. Take me to the police station right now!” He says, “NO. You pay me 2000pesos now.” and keeps driving. I tell him, “Are you aware that there are a lot of CCTV cameras in the airport? I will report you.” Then his friend starts hitting him with the elbow in the arm and says something in Tagalog. He returns my phone and (I) tell him, “stop right here.” He stops in the middle of somewhere. It was a highway and there was only a construction. I don’t get out of the taxi until he takes my things from the back of the taxi. I pay 400 pesos to his friend. He got in the car, scratches the tires and goes away.

I want to report this guy. Where can I go? I only have this picture, (it) is a little blurry but it says UVY519.

Is this enough evidence?

Can police check CCTV at airport? 

Here’s the photo of the taxi he sent us. It’s dim and blurry, but according to him, it says UVY519.

Costa Rican National Shares Bad Experience on Taxi Ride from Airport 

Would anyone here know where he can report this?

Have you had a similar experience?

What did you do?

Share it in the comments. 




Costa Rican National Shares Bad Experience on Taxi Ride from NAIA Terminal 2