Cosplayer cries while getting upskirted, photographers continue to take pictures

In the 12-day run of Comiket in Japan, many interesting cosplays have been featured.

Check out some of them below that have been shared on social media.

One of the most interesting ones, which also stirred conversation online, was done by cosplayer Rubi0921.

Unfortunately, her cosplay became viral because she became “victim” to photographers who seemed to have done an impromptu “High School of the Dead” cosplay and rush in like single-minded zombies.

Watch the video below where she was desperately protecting herself while photographers relentlessly continued to take photos of her. They didn’t stop taking pictures even when she was already crying.

(Rough translation: I was so sorry to see a cameraman who was scared of a cosplayer today and was shooting at a low angle. Someone called the staff and the shooting was canceled, but there was a person who put the camera in the skirt even when the staff came.)

Here’s how the scene looked when photographers continued taking pictures while the cosplayer was upskirted.

“That’s me in the video. I told the people, many times, ‘You’re too close. Please step away,’ but nobody listened. I’m thankful to the event staff for coming to my aid. If something like this happens again, I’m going to kick the people taking photos (I’m taking boxing lessons),” Rubi to SoraNews.

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