Coolest Headphones Ever: House of Marley Launch


When in Manila, you may notice people proudly wearing red, yellow and red headphones. If you’re wondering what the brand is it’s The House of Marley, started by the king of reggae’s son Rohan Marley. Since their launch in the Philippines the headphones have sold really well by bringing affordable premium headphones and earbuds to the market. The brand  does a wonderful job of focusing on the music while making you look like a true music lover.


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The headphones have a back to earth quality. Reusable packaging, wooden elements of the headphones, and other attributes make them stand out in appearance. I was very impressed with both the design and the quality, however you will have to try them yourself if you want to see what I mean!


The House of Marley products come with the Marley ‘Signature’ Sound, incorporating more than 30 years of audio expertise into the design of the acoustics of their audio products. It is the goal of The House of Marley to produce audio products with smooth, powerful bass, mids with stunning presence, and an energized high-end that brings songs to life. Each product undergoes custom tuning for its particular size, shape and material. Only FSC certified wood (Forestry Stewardship Council) is used on MARLEY products, which assures that the wood they use come from a forest that is replenished making the material truly renewable and sustainable.


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One of the biggest annoyances for me from any type of earbuds is comfort. Often you will start listening to music, only to end up constantly adjusting your earbuds to stay comfortable. I completely forgot I was wearing the headphones when I tried them out at home. I almost pulled my laptop to the ground because I forgot I was plugged in!


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In my personal opinion, the Smile Jamaica earbuds are one of a kind. Not only do you not notice them (a good thing), you also are making a statement by wearing them. You say, “I’m cool, and I care”. The headphones use wood from renewable sources and the materials are top notch. The sound quality is superb, and they are by far my favorite headphones/earbuds that I own. No plastic, cheap headphones. They are built to last.


Marley has a unique style that simply cannot be found in today’s market. Doing so while delivering excellence in quality is even more impressive! When in Manila and a true music lover, be sure to pick up a pair of these jammin’ headphones!


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