Cool Beans Library Cafe: A Student-Friendly Cafe for Your Next Study Sesh!

Cool Beans Library Cafe

They also house some sweet stuff. Help yourself to some Oreo and Nutella Cheesecake squares!

Cool Beans Library Cafe

Strawberry Frost Blend (Php130)

This drink will remind you of your childhood favorite Yan Yan! It has the right amount of sweetness and the sprinkles on top make it even more fun to drink!

Cool Beans Library Cafe

Caramel Frost Blend

My favorite frost blend. I love that it’s not sugary like other caramel drinks. You can really savor its being caramel. Yum!

Cool Beans Library Cafe

Mocha Latte (Php90)

Cool Beans Library Cafe

Their specialty is their highland coffee. They offer three types: the Sagada Roast, Benguet Roast and Kalinga Roast. Have a taste of local coffee here!

Their food won’t even burn a hole in your wallet! It’s one of the things that I super love about Cool Beans Library Cafe. It’s just one of the things that I love about this cafe. Let’s mention the books. Over a thousand titles are available for all of their guests to read and enjoy. They’re carefully arranged according to category — just like how you know your school library (and yes, there’s no Wi-Fi). They even have a whole rack of National Geographic magazines! What more can you ask for?

Cool Beans Library Cafe

Cool Beans Library Cafe

Fangirling over A Song of Ice and Fire — they have the whole set! I could stay here for days! 🙂

Cool BeaCool Beans Library Cafens Cafe

Another thing are the art pieces that hung around the place, created none other than one of the owners, Scott Lleva. He and partner Lot Deleste both agreed on their display, aiming to promote and support local artists. It’s a hub for all the creatives out there!

Cool Beans Library Cafe

Their service is notable, too! I really appreciate that the owners themselves are super hands-on the cafe, talking to guests and making sure to check on their every need during the duration of their stay. Isn’t that sweet? 🙂

Need more convincing? Okay. Relive the “English Only, Please” scene here (yes, this is the place!). So, for your next study sesh, go to Cool Beans Library Cafe. See you there, study buddies! 🙂

Cool Beans Library Cafe

67 Maginhawa Street, Quezon City

Open Mondays to Thursdays, 10 A.M. to 11 P.M.; Fridays to Sundays, 10 A.M. to 12 M.N.


Twitter & Instagram: @coolbeans_ph


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