Cool Beans Library Cafe: A Student-Friendly Cafe for Your Next Study Sesh!

Homework, thesis consultation, 100-item test, or what-have-you. School can surely get overwhelming at times (or most times, okay). On top of everything else that you need to finish, it’s necessary to take some down time to de-stress and re-energize yourself. However, between grabbing some grub and rushing to get that essay done, sometimes we choose the latter because we have so little time on our hands. We need not compromise on having our regular fill, though! Not only will your tummy thank you, but your brain will, as well, since it needs all the nutrients it can get, too.

Cool Beans Library Cafe

You don’t need to choose just one anymore, either. Hit two birds with one stone by going to a cafe that can serve as a “library” and a foodie spot! Enter Cool Beans Library Cafe, the first of its kind, located in Maginhawa Street, and you won’t have to sacrifice your precious eating time to cram.

Cool Beans Library Cafe

Cool Beans Library Cafe feels like home. The welcoming, warm vibe will embrace you with its simple but attractive interiors beaming at you as if telling you to cozy up in a chair and make yourself at ease. It can hold a small number of people, yes, but this only makes it more intimate and relaxing at the same time.

Cool Beans Library Cafe

Inspired by the American cottages in Baguio (where one of the owners came from), it will remind you of pine trees, mountains, the earth and life in the highlands. It’ll set you in the mood to face those remaining papers due tomorrow, too. It won’t hurt to give in to some delicious fare on the menu to keep you happy throughout your study sesh, either.

Cool Beans Library Cafe

From left to right: Oriental Pork Belly (Php160), Herb-Crusted Cream Dory (Php140), Vigan Longganisa Penne (Php160) and Chicken Pesto Panini (Php150)

Their meals are big in servings, too – good for sharing with your classmates! However, if you’re famished, you can eat the whole plate since it’s so good you’ll keep coming back for it! The Oriental Pork Belly has the right spices, succulent with every bite, tender meat with all the flavors bursting. The Herb-Crusted Cream Dory, on the other hand, is perfect if you want a light rice meal. I like how its crust is crispy. The fish is good on its own, but even better when paired with their sauce.

For pasta-lovers, do not miss the Vigan Longganisa Penne. With just the right amount of spice, it’s not overwhelming and you’ll still enjoy every layer of the dish. The bread siding is crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. Another winner! 🙂 Lastly, the Chicken Pesto Panini won our hearts with the combination of my favorites. It doesn’t scrimp on fillings, mind you. It’s a big chunk of chicken with pesto and cheese, all sandwiched together.

Cool Beans Library Cafe

Spanish Sardine Pesto Pasta (Php160)

But my most favorite of them all is their Spanish Sardines Pesto Pasta. It’s not oily and it’s topped generously with sardines, so it’s really filling. Highly approved!

They also serve breakfast meals all day, so if you’re craving for your favorite brekkie meal, Cool Beans Library Cafe has it for you!

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