‘The Conjuring 3’ Finally Starts Production

Finally, after literally years of waiting, ‘The Conjuring 3’ has started production. Actress Vera Farmiga, who plays Lorraine Warren, posted a photo on Twitter posing with on-screen husband Patrick Wilson on their first day on set.

Vera expressed her excitement about the third ‘Conjuring’ film in an interview with Entertainment Weekly saying: “Conjuring 3 will be a doozy. It will be big. So for me, visiting these characters [in Annabelle Comes Home], it’s like practicing your scales and doing a few arpeggios before having to dive deep into the next one. Because the next one is massive.

lorraine warren

While we do love the spin-off movies like ‘Annabelle’ and the recently released ‘The Curse of La Llorona’, nothing beats the Warrens. There’s something about Vera and Patrick are on the screen that draws you into their stories as human beings and not just as a ghoul-stopping couple.

The ‘Conjuring’ franchise has grown so big over the years that it has its own cinematic universe and a cult following of loyal fans who await each installment. Think of it as the MCU of horror. James Wan who created the first ‘Conjuring’ movie won’t be directing this time around, but he will be producing! ‘La Llorona’ director Michael Chaves is spearheading the production instead.

ed lorraine warren

The third installment of ‘The Conjuring’ will be about a man on trial for murder who claims he was possessed by a demon. It’s coming out September 11, 2020 so mark your calendars. Until then, ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is coming out soon to tide us all over. It heavily features the Warren family and the infamous Annabelle doll.

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Are you excited for ‘The Conjuring 3’? Which spin-off movie from the Conjuring universe is your favorite?