LOOK: 3-year-old chooses ‘The Nun’ as theme for her birthday party

No fairy tale princesses or cartoon characters for this three-year-old.

Lucia has become the talk of the whole Internet after deciding to pick horror movie The Nun as the theme for her birthday party.

Her cousin Andrea took to Twitter to share the unexpected kid’s party which she says was completely Lucia’s idea.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Andrea shared that Lucia saw The Nun playing at her grandmother’s house and insisted on watching the entire film. Andrea also claimed that Lucia wouldn’t stop requesting her mom for it to be her birthday theme.

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Since Andrea posted Lucia’s photos online, many others sharing their own stories of young relatives with a similar fascination over the horror genre.

We stan these creative children.

Does Lucia remind you of any relative you know? Share your stories with us in the comments.