This Conference is Dedicated to Helping Seafarers and Their Families

It’s no secret: seafarers earn quite a bit of money. That’s why they leave the country and, consequently, their family, friends, and lives behind: to earn for a better tomorrow. They sacrifice so much just so they can build a future, and in their work, they end up helping more than just themselves: they also end up helping the country.

Can you imagine how difficult it must be to be away from your loved ones for months at a time, confined to a small space surrounded by nothing but water, with only the same twenty or so faces to interact with? This is the reality our seafarers face every time they’re on board, so you can imagine why they would be glad to retire after years of service. When they stop working, however, the money stops flowing, as well; so how do they maintain the lives they’ve built up after the fact?

The IEF, Inc. CEO, Kristine Marcelo, talking about the project of this conference

Well, research by IEF, Inc. (which stands for  Ignite-Empower-Flourish: this perfectly describes the vision of the people behind this, as they truly aim to see that their clients grow and develop better lives!) states that seafarers are incredibly susceptible to investing their money into businesses after retirement.

If you think about it, it makes sense, right? After being isolated from their lives back home, of course they would want to invest in something that would anchor them onto land. You might be surprised how often our seafarers get “scammed” out of their money, though.

This is because seafarers, are usually overeager when it comes to investing their money that they don’t ask questions anymore. They rely on the promises of the people presenting their businesses to them. Seafarers tend to invest without any proper background, and they end up blowing all their money on empty promises.

These seafarers are heroes of ours: they deserve so much more than what they’re currently facing. They deserve to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives while maintaining a stable income. As such, Kristine Marcelo, IEF, Inc., and all their partners tailored the campaign #OneForMarino, a series of interactive and fun conferences and exhibits that will help seafarers and their families discern what a good investment is, and how to avoid investments that aren’t so ideal!

IEF, Inc. with their partners: truly people who care deeply for our seafarers!

This campaign will run from August 2018 to May 2019; the conference and exhibit will run 32 times throughout this time! And guess what? It’s free! IEF, Inc. and its partners are completely dedicated to helping our seafarers and their families. So if you know anyone who could benefit from this, be it a seafarer or their immediate family member, let them know immediately!

You could save them a lot of money, heartache, and stress—things our seafarers no longer need to worry about after their services.


10th Flr. Bayview Park Hotel Manila, 1118 Roxas Boulevard, corner United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila

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