Comedy Cartel: Pushing Boundaries for Pinoy Stand-Up Comedy Shows

Comedy Cartel: Pushing Boundaries for Pinoy Stand-Up Comedy Shows

When in Manila, there will always be room for comedy, no matter the setting, be it at work or simply at home. People always love to laugh. Booze, karaoke, and bar hops aside, laughing is a good way to relieve oneself from the exhaustion at work or just the undertakings of life, according to social psychology. When in Manila, comedians are unlimited. They just come here and there because Filipinos are lovers of comedy. It’s what’s being a Filipino is all about. It’s part of being one.


Comedy Cartel’s Comedy Shows

Comedy Cartel, a group of artists and professionals in the art of comedy, while crafting Filipino artistry in Comedy since 2007, sells-off Pinoy comedy in a more professional, artistic, and essentially dignifying avenue. The group has come up with a showdown of comedic acts of different aspirants in the art of comedy – from amateurs to decade-old clowns, at The Plantation Bar + Bistro along Carlos Palanca St. in Makati. The goal is to gather Filipino comedians spotted here and there who haven’t made their own shows except in the comforts of home and the confines of a group of friends’ laugh.




To Patrick Cruz, manager of Comedy Cartel, the aim is to become Asia’s comedy central. It is to promote Pinoy comedy in its most humorous essential beyond the ridicule of typical comedians in gay stand-up comedy bars. Patrick also admits that the challenge in the Pinoy humor is the people’s being critical to any sketch delivered. It may be quite difficult to penetrate the Filipino humorous sense; thus, the 3rd leg of the competition of showdowns at The Plantation Bar + Bistro. Finals night will be in December this year wherein the top 15 will compete to reign supreme as the top comedian of the comedy race.

IMG_1224ComedyCartelPatrick Cruz, hosting the showdown

For the 3rd leg of the competition, four Saturday live-night shows were set at The Plantation Bar + Bistro starting last May 10th until the 31st with alternates of comedy improvisation and open mic showdowns. For every show, there will be around 12 participants who will take the stage and rock the house in laughter.

During the May 17th open mic showdown, 13 participants broke the barriers and let out their comedic spirits. The Top 5 were selected with Miguel Alejandrino taking the trophy, thus advancing to finals night.

participants1ComedyCartelFirst set of participants

participants2ComedyCartelOther participants became innovative in their medium


Participants joined at random


Some participants got the crowd LOL-ing.

Miguel, a product trainer by profession, explained that comedy has always been part of him. It’s his way to break the ice while he’s doing training. It’s his way to connect to people, friends and family alike. It’s his channel to express himself in his naturally comedian self. He started out by introducing himself based on his racial origins, born a son to a Mexican father and a half-Indian, half-Filipino mother, and this became the base of his performance. Best he has delivered was the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) sketch, with claims that all three of them are Mexican. To actually experience this, it would be better to book for the finals night in December.

IMG_1416ComedyCartelwith Miguel Alejandrino, winner of the open mic showdown


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