Comedy Cartel Brings on Peals of Laughter and Rounds of Beer at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls’ Beer Festival

Comedy Cartel Invades McKinley Hill

Who doesn’t love laughing? It brightens up your face, makes you feel lighter, helps you feel a whole lot better, and on special occasions, causes beer to spill out your nose. Upon hearing about Comedy Cartel‘s stand-up comedy event happening over at McKinley Hill, I knew I had to grab the opportunity to grab a few beers and numerous rounds of “HAHAHA!s”

Last Friday, despite the rainy weather, the McKinley Hill Piazza Mall seemed a haven of sunshine and rainbows from the rounds of laughter echoing throughout the complex. McKinley Hill’s Beer Festival introduced performances from the Comedy Cartel and featured a lot of beer brands sold to chugging patrons.


Comedy Cartel’s Big League Acts

Due to heavy downpour and our lack of decent parking, we unfortunately missed the first half of the show. Despite not having caught the first three comedians of the Comedy Cartel show, though, we were certainly entertained by the three acts that followed.


Aside from being an international stand-up comedian and host, Alex Calleja is also a movie, TV and radio personality. Poking fun at typical Filipino sarcasm and sense of humor, Alex rolled out joke after joke as we laughed and chuckled and held our aching bellies.

Alex Calleja

Alex Calleja

Alex may have seemed a tough act to follow, but Red Ollero certainly didn’t lag behind. One of the finalists of Jack TV’s “Laffalooza” comedy competition, this gentle giant had us giggling and hooting at his jokes on his, shall I say, curvaceous physique. I gotta hand it to the guy: not many people out there can make jokes on their physical appearances and Red seemed a guy quite comfortable in his own skin. Kudos!

Red Ollero

Red Ollero

The last act standing is Tim Tayag, a pioneer of point-of-view stand-up comedy In the Philippines. What exactly does his brand of comedy mean? To tell you the truth, I am not entirely sure. But all throughout his act, he would talk to random members in the audience and from there, effortlessly generate some laughter from the audience. He’s been doing stand-up comedy for a while, so one can easily say this guy’s a pro in the laughing biz.

Tim Tayag

Tim Tayag

Comedy Cartel with Grub on the Side

All the belly aching can make one quite hungry, though, so it’s a good thing the organizers invited some food vendors over for the event.

Wursty Wursty German Franks

Wursty Wursty German Franks, Bratwursts and Other Meaty Meals

B & T Mexican Food

B & T Mexican Food

The two German and Mexican-inspired food merchants were quite a hit with the foreign crowd, not to mention the imported beers whose names you might not be able to pronounce right unless you were German and/or have a manly voice. Drawing in hungry customers from around the venue, the Beer Festival was able to invite more passersby and curious onlookers.


It surely was a fun night of laughs, beer and overly manly man food. It didn’t matter if it was raining cats and dogs When in Manila, we were all laughing in the rain!

All photos taken by Francis Tawagon.


Comedy Cartel

Official Website | Facebook

Address: Suite 201 Sierra Centre, 8 Domingo Guevara cor. Sierra Madre St. 1550

Tel. No.: +63 2 533 9316

Mobile: 0922 859 6144



Comedy Cartel Brings on Peals of Laughter and Rounds of Beer at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls’ Beer Festival


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