Color Me Doodle: Coloring Adventure of the Philippines for Grown-Ups

Coloring books have made their comeback!

Adult coloring books are becoming the newest addiction of most moms and yuppies nowadays. And not only that they are getting hooked to it because it is a very relaxing activity to do but it also a great outlet for creativity (and color!)



Color Me Doodle is the creation of Mark Dean Lim, an illustrator who turned his fun doodles into coloring sheets that we all get to enjoy. The Color Me Doodle: Coloring Adventure of the Philippines for Grown-Ups is his third coloring book and what’s so great about it is that it’s Filipino-themed. Thirty awesome coloring pages filled with symbols, icons, travel destinations, and festivals that feature and highlight our Filipino culture.

Mark decided to go with the Filipino-themed coloring book as he wanted to produce something local and we can easily relate and identify with. He wants it to reflect the beauty of the Philippines and to give us an opportunity to give color our own vibrant culture.

I am one of those who delved into the coloring book trend and I own the Color Me Doodle 2. What I really like about the CMD book is that it’s printed in high-quality paper that can accommodate various mediums from markers to watercolors, so you have endless options on which coloring material to use. Mix different mediums and get crazy with the colors! Just enjoy and let make it a fun and destressing activity.

Mark is officially launching the Color Me Doodle: Coloring Adventure of the Philippines for Grown-Ups tonight at Eastwood’s Book & Brews: A Coffee and Book Fair.

Go follow Color Me Doodle’s Instagram account: @colormedoodle or Mark’s personal account: @markdeanlim for more information on how you can get yourself a copy or perhaps join one of his workshops. Mark also promises more surprises to be announced!

For now, here are some of the pages from the latest Color Me Doodle: Coloring Adventure of the Philippines for Grown-Ups book:




When In Manila, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy (or two) and start coloring away!

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