Cole & Cali’s : Homemade Ice Cream Makes It to Your Next Party

When in Manila, there’s always something special about homemade. Its just made with more quality ingredients and more love. 

As much as some parents would like to put in their labor of love in their children’s milestones, like birthday parties, we have to admit that we all can’t be super heroes in terms of pulling off a party a hundred percent DIY. 

That’s why we have party suppliers to take care of these stuff – like the cake, decorations, food, program etc – so that in the end, we still come out as super heroes to our kids.

An important ingredient in any party is ice cream.  What party isn’t complete without it.  While the “mamang sorbetero” station has been a staple in most children’s parties, parents now have an option to offer homemade and customized ice cream to the kids. 


As special as your kid’s event is, its not commercial or mass-production type but made in the comforts of a home (Cole & Cali’s house) by a mom herself who has had first hand experience in growing a homemade brand with her kids.

Like any business built on love, Cole & Cali’s ice cream has gone through numerous tests with playmates, classmates, friends & relatives until the perfect flavours that are a hit with kids (and adults) came about. The foundation is very personal which is a trait Cole & Cali would like to extend to its customers.

While there certain best-sellers like Bubble-Gum, Milo Monster, Cookies & Cream and Cheese, customers are allowed to request a flavour of their choice from Cole & Cali.  Someone even requested dragon fruit flavoured ice cream before and Cole & Cali were happy to have made it.



Whats great about it is that it already comes in easy to serve cups and can have labels customized to the occasions.

  Its special all the way for your kids.  The sweetness can be adjusted too, if you want it more or less.  Different toppings are also available.  Customized all the way!



I did give the flavours a test run and it did not disappoint with its creamy texture and great flavours.

Should you try this? Definitely, maybe in your next gathering/meeting or better yet birthday party!

Regular Flavours : Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mocha, Cheese

P15.00 per cup / P180.00 per quart


Special Flavours : Milo Dinosaur , Cookies N Cream, Nutella

P18.00 per cup / P220 per quart


Ultimate Flavours : Rainbow Bubble Gum, Rainbow Vanilla, Rocky Road, Double Dutch, Cheese n Cashew, Matcha/Green Tea

P20.00 per cup / P240 per quart


For parties, minimum order of 72 pcs for cups, maximum of 3 flavors per order. Delivery charges will apply within Metro Manila.  Orders should be placed at least 1 day ahead.


If you want freshly prepared, quality ingredients and beat the heat, then try Cole & Cali’s Party Ice Cream.  Check out their facebook page for more updates on new flavours.


Cole & Cali’s Party Ice Cream