Coffee Project: A 24-Hour Coffee Shop that Will Level Up Your IG Game

You don’t always come across a coffee shop that’s open 24 hours. If you’re someone who constantly needs a caffeine fix, Coffee Project could soon be one of your favorite places.

Nestled at the ground floor of the Worldwide Corporate Center in Shaw Boulevard, Coffee Project is a haven for coffee lovers and basically anyone who wants good food and a cozy place to meet up with their friends, do some work, or simply pass the time.

Unlike our usual coffee joints in Manila, Coffee Project can make you lose track of time. It’s very cozy (almost homelike) and feels like a private space. Whether you’re solo or in a group, you can settle in anywhere (they have huge couches and solo tables) and do your thing without worrying about getting disturbed.

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It’s perfect for writers like me who enjoy working in coffee shops, but don’t like the ruckus found in packed coffee shops. This is one of their 12 branches and just like their other stores, the Shaw branch is very Instagrammable.

Each store looks different from the other, but one thing’s the same: all their branches are a sight to behold. Most importantly, they have an impressive menu.

Coffee cold brew

Cold Brew (P150)

Slowly steeped for 8 hours, their newest offering is 67% less acidic than the hot brew and has a smoother taste. It’s really strong, so it’s great if you need a really good pick-me-up. You can also have it with milk.

Coffee Project has all added a deliciously refreshing line-up of drinks to beat the Manila heat.

Coffee summer drinks

Coffee green slush

Green Apple Cucumber Slush (P145)

This is my personal favorite. It has just the right combination of tangy green apple and cucumber – perfect for hot afternoons.

Coffee strawberry banana

Strawberry Banana Smoothie (P190)

Sweet, rich and creamy, this is perfect for kids and those who love anything sweet.

Coffee tea

Raspberry Tea Infusion (P145)

I’m not a huge tea drinker, but this is something I would still consider ordering every now and then. I’m pretty sure Titas will enjoy this during their chikahan sessions with friends, too.

Coffee project vietnamese latte

Vietnamese Latte (P155)

I’m a heavy coffee drinker and can down at least three cups a day. On days when there are looming deadlines and I need to stay sharp, my go-to drink is either a latte or an Americano. I think I just found a new deadline buddy.

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