CocoXFifi: A Woman’s Perfect Weapon

WHEN IN MANILA, whether you’re the preppy chic, the glamazon or the soccer mom, there is one thing that ya’ll just have to have: a top notch, handy, and beautiful bag to store your lip gloss, fiery red lipstick or lip balm among other things. Like most women out there, I’m always on the hunt for beautiful and just to die for bags. Whether I’m out on the mall or at home lying on the bed, I don’t stop searching. Luckily, my search led me to one of the cutest and chicest online store, CocoXFifi.


CocoXFifi is an online store that sells the chicest handbags I have ever seen. Whether you’re the hipster, the edgy gal, or the girly girl, there is at least one CocoXFifi bag that will touch your heart and closet forever.


Among all the drool worthy CocoXFifi designs, here are my absolute faves!



These vintage looking CocoXFifi sling box bag is to die for, literally! It’s just so chic and unique! I swear, I can tote this around town all year round.



This mint green CocoXFifi sling bag is perfect for the younger gals who have the luxury of just bringing a couple of hundreds, cellphone, maybe keys and are good to go. Though I’m by no means that lucky girl, I still had to have this cute bag. After all, there is such a thing as compromise.



This studded CocoXFifi bag is the perfect bag! Really! It can be a wristlet, a shoulder bag, and a clutch! What more can a woman ask for?


So what are you waiting for ladies of When In Manila? Check out CocoXFifi for more bag lovin’ WHEN IN MANILA…I know I will!


 P.S. They’re currently accepting pre-orders for their fantabulous rucksacks! So stop playing that addicting Candy Crush Saga and head on over to CocoXFifi asap!




Contact: 0922 896 9127 or 0906 410 9409








CocoXFifi: A Woman’s Perfect Weapon