Coco Lala: Essentials For Fun Bonding With Your Little One

With the pandemic, we are spending most of our time at home and sometimes we are running out of things to do with our little ones. Parents are getting more and more creative when it comes to the activities they do with their kids, but did you know that the simple everyday things can be fun as well?

Whether it’s Nap Time, Bath Time, or Tummy Time, these things are an opportunity for you to create a stronger bond with your little one and it’s also a way to help them develop their different skills.

As for me, my baby loves Bath Time. She always looks forward to spending her time in the water but I have always been afraid of leaving her in her tub because she learned how to stand on her own and she might trip and fall over. Luckily, I found Coco Lala on Instagram and saw their foldable baby bathtub

Coco Lala 1

These foldable tubs can be used from newborn to toddler. For newborns, you can have the tub folded and add cushion to support your little one’s head and body. As they grow older, you can make the tub deeper- perfect for babies who can sit, stand, or walk on their own.

Coco Lala 2

The tub is deep enough so they won’t fall over their tubs or bump their heads. Since my baby loves bath time, I was looking for different ways to make it more fun for her. I added toys on her tub and used Coco Lala’s Baby Rinse Cups that mimics a shower. If your baby is smaller, you can also opt to use their shower cap so water won’t go on your baby’s face or ears.

Another great bonding tip is to make tummy time extra special. You can use colorful playmats to stimulate their brains and protect their heads from bumping the floor.

Using these kinds of playmats can also assist and encourage your baby to practice crawling.

If your baby can’t roll over yet, you can keep them safe in a sleeping nest where you can massage their little feet or lay them down for a nap.

Coco Lala is founded by Heidi and Dennis Go who’s main line of business was School and Office Supplies. They went into the Baby Essentials business when Heidi got pregnant. Heidi shared that she wanted to share the products that had worked for her and her baby.

The business was founded in October 2019 and she knew that each product should grow with babies to make sure of value for money. The business was named because their daughter had pronounced Crocodile as ‘Coco Lala’, and they took it as a sign to go into the business.

How about you? How do you bond your baby? Share it with us in the comments section below!