CND’s Yes, I Do Collection is Perfect for Busy Working Women


One day, as I was typing a report at work, I noticed I needed a manicure because my nails looked dull and lifeless. Though I love pampering myself, I’m not really the best at maintaining a manicure. (They usually chip within a week!)

While browsing for new nail polish, I stumbled upon a brand called CND. As I looked at their colors, I gravitated towards a light colored pink nail polish that perfectly suits my taste. The elegant and classic shade “Veiled” is from their Yes, I Do Bridal Collection, and has a top coat that goes with the main polish. Here’s what I noticed about CND’s nail polish.

It stays longer than my usual nail polish.


My former go-to brand for nail polish usually took a week before it chipped. CND’s Yes, I Do Bridal Collection stayed on my nails for a solid two and half weeks before the chipping started.

It looks like gel polish.


I have only tried gel polish once in because it’s kinda costly, and I don’t find it practical. That’s why I like the CND polish. It gives off a gel polish style while providing impressive staying power at the same time.

It’s the perfect nail polish for busy women.


You don’t need to be a bride to use this product. If you’re a busy woman, this will suit you perfectly, too. Its classic and polished style looks professional and clean, whether you are running some errands or rushing to your next meeting.

CND is made with quality materials to ensure the utmost experience. The Yes, I Do Bridal Collection is available at their salon and hotel partners, such as The Retreat Spa at Okada Manila, The Bridal Studio by Ryan Chris House of Fashion, Nailandia Nail Studio and Body Spa, Nail Addik by Usuki, and Philocaly Beauty Lounge.

You can choose four shades from their Yes, I Do Bridal Collection in Vinylux Long Wear Polish: White Wedding, Bouquet, Veiled, and Forever Yours. The shade I’m using in this feature is their “Veiled” nail polish which has a soft pink shade perfect for women who want simple and fresh-looking nails.

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