Your Most Convenient Way to Keep Your House (or Condo Units) Sparkling Clean

Cleaning keeps me sane. I clean so I can think thoroughly, albeit time-consuming.

Truthfully, it gives me a sense of accomplishment whenever I smell the fresh scent of new linens or when I see my kitchen spick and span. I occasionally take it as my “me time” since I clean the house when kids are at school or when everyone’s asleep.


This is just a part of our house that needs to be cleaned.

When my schedule was still manageable, I would clean the house every other day. Now that my work is demanding, cleaning became elusive. So, a little help wouldn’t hurt. Thankfully, I was given a chance to try – your most convenient way to keep your pad sparkling clean!


She is Ate Emilia, our cleaner for the day.

What is is the outcome of two brilliant people, Mike Yu and James Yabut. They were looking for a concrete way to keep their homes clean despite being occupied at work and their respective businesses. According to James, they tried other services but they found it too expensive for a long term solution. So, they launched to the public January of this year.

At first, the plan was to create a long-term home maintenance and cleanliness solution for Condominium dwellers. However, they later realized they can create remarkable opportunities for returning OFWs seeking work to help them sustain a decent living in the Philippines.


Ate Emilia used to be an OFW. She told me, she’s glad that businesses like gives hope to repatriated OFWs.

How to use

It’s easy, my dear. It’s like shopping online!

1. Go to website. Their website is both accessible on mobile and desktop! 


The left side is how you will see the booking page on a mobile phone, while the other side is for desktop/laptop use.

2. Fill out necessary information like the Date, Time, and Address.


I booked mine yesterday, 3pm to 6pm. (TIP: Book a cleaner at least 3 hours in advance to give ample time to prepare).


Key in your home address and mobile number. You may give directions too on the “Additional details” box provided. Once you’re done, hit the “Book now” button.

3. And, voila! Sit back, relax, and just wait for your cleaner to arrive!


What to expect after confirmation

Once you receive the “Thank You for Booking” note, you will receive two (2) emails from

(1) Your cleaner’s data information

On a quick conversation with’s CEO, James Yabut, he confirmed that all of their cleaners are professional. He also added that they use their own environment-friendly cleaning materials, although, you can use your preferred materials.

and (2) your billing statement

The charges vary depending on how many hours and what kind of cleaning you want. For 1.5 hours cleaning, you’ll be charged P350.

The 1.5 hours includes the following services:

  • Make beds
  • Wipe Furniture
  • Wipe Floor
  • Treat window and mirrors
  • Wipe Appliances
  • Antibacterial spray on surface
    a. Door knob
    b. Light switch
    c. All furniture and appliance surface
  • Pet accident treatment ( floors)

But, if you feel like you haven’t cleaned for weeks, I suggest getting the P750 for 3 hours and get these additional services:

  • Cleaning closets
  • Arrange Clothes in closet ( Must be requested by client)
  • Change linens
  • Shelf dusting
  • Vacuum
  • Make beds
  • Wipe Furniture
  • Wipe Floor
  • Treat window and mirrors
  • Wipe Appliances
  • Antibacterial spray on the surface
    a. Door knob
    b. Light switch
    c. All furniture and appliance surface
  • Pet accident treatment ( floors)

FYI, their rates are for condominium units. Nevertheless, they will officially launch apartments, houses, and offices next month. Soon, they will also introduce “cleanspace” service, which is catered to establishments such as offices, cafes, gyms, clinics, and alike.

I am sure everyone, especially, the parents-on-the-go, will ultimately like this service as you can leave the house and do errands while they’re cleaning your pad! As emphasized by James,’s cleaners are absolutely trustworthy.

Personally, I love the service. I will definitely recommend to my family and friends!

So, if you’re always on-the-go, but always dreading the piles of rubbish around the house, is perfect for you.


For more information, visit their website