Civil Defense: Please Help Support This Fun and Educational Board Game

Board games are fun – there’s no doubt about that. However, I always appreciate them a little bit more when they teach you something at the same time.

This passion project by Francis Josef Gasgonia is all about education for disaster awareness and humanitarian action. In his board game entitled ‘Civil Defense: The Strategic Humanitarian Crisis Response Game’, you will put yourself in the shoes of disaster risk reduction and humanitarian action professionals. After all, disaster awareness education needs an upgrade from posters, books, lectures and manuals.


The simulation table top board game introduces the basics of disaster risk reduction and humanitarian action to players with or without any background in disaster risk reduction or humanitarian work. Francis shares that the design of the game was inspired by years of experience in social development work, humanitarian action, and disaster risk reduction. Some game scenarios were even based on the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda experience and other real life events.

With this, we hope that you can help support the project through the crowdfunding campaign at the Spark Project here: and inform other people who might be interested in this project by setting up a demo of Civil Defense at a time and place favorable to you.

By supporting the Civil Defense project, you won’t just enjoy hours of fun with friends, family, and strangers; but also help spread this alternative approach to engaging youths and adults in becoming advocates of disaster risk reduction and humanitarian action. You may find out more about the game here.

Civil Defense Board Game