Churches in the Philippines: Bohol’s Baclayon and Dauis Churches

Churches tell a lot about our country’s rich history.They speak of Filipinos’ unwavering faith  and they show how beautiful Philippine architecture is. Old churches such as Bohol’s Baclayon and Dauis Churches brings colorful stories of the past. When in Manila, you must visit old churches in Bohol!



Baclayon Church or The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is one of the oldest churches in the country. Once home to Spanish Jesuit missionaries, Baclayon Church is a living testament to Spanish occupation.





The exterior of Baclayon Church looks rather plain compared to other churches but wait! Take a closer look at this wall of the church:



They say that the image on the wall of Baclayon Church is no other than Padre Pio, a saint known for his stigmata and healing power.




Proper attire is strictly followed inside the church. For women wearing shorts and/or sleeveless, you may borrow clothes at the entrance of the church.



Religious relics found inside the church are really exquisite!


On the other hand, Dauis Church, or the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption as it is formally known, boasts of beautiful architecture like other old churches in the Philippines.



The Virgin of the Assumption, the patron saint of Dauis Church, is believed to be miraculous as well as the water found in the well in the church.


When in Manila, let’s appreciate our country’s history more by visiting the churches. Both Baclayon and Dauis Churches are sure to make your Bohol trip even more memorable!

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Churches in the Philippines: Baclayon and Dauis Churches

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