Chroma Music Festival: Kicking the Summer Right!

KICKING THE SUMMER RIGHT – STRIX INC. is once again hitting the scene by revealing a brand new event that will kick off this summer, CHROMA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016.

Happening on 02 April 2015 at the Globe Circuit Makati Event Grounds, CHROMA announces that Global DJ’s and top of the crop Local Artists are taking part of this Colorful Music Festival. In a few months promotion, this massive event has already gathered thousands of followers and definitely, this one is to look out for.

Chroma Music Festival: Kicking the Summer Right!

CHROMA MUSIC FESTIVAL isn’t like any other festival. Chroma 2016, allow us to connect with strangers in a deeper and less needy way. It’s about the celebration of life, and love for each other, where art and music becomes one. It’s not just about the lineup, thousands of people are attending because of their concept. Chroma 2016 is giving the best of both worlds, from colored powder, side activities, food, music, nice people, to great vibe. This event is creating a playground for everyone to relieve our youth. This massive event is not just a music festival – it’s an experience.

Chroma Music Festival also reach out to the less fortunate by giving a portion of the proceeds of the event to Two Organisations that help out kids. One of which is Black Pencil Project, a volunteer group that works in remote and indigenous Philippine communities to promote child’s primary education and welfare. While the other one is Philippine Christian Foundation, an organization that serves the urban poor who have found work and shelter on the periphery of dumpsites and cemeteries in the metro.

CHROMA will surely be the biggest and grandest color music festival in the metro. Gather your squad and be part of this history. Let us color and extend our help to the youth while we dance to the beat of summer.

You may avail your tickets now in all SM Ticket Outlets Nationwide, or online through:

Twitter: @chroma2016

For donations and more info, you may visit the following sites:

Black Pencil Project:
Philippine Christian Foundation:

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