Chris Pratt Spotted Having “Romantic” Dinner With Olivia Munn

Looks like Chris Pratt is really moving on. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star was spotted enjoying a romantic dinner with “X-Men: Apocalypse” actress Olivia Munn in Los Angeles, according to Entertainment Tonight!

The news comes just after the actor filed for divorce from Anna Faris, his wife of eight years, in December.

According to ET, Chris, 38, and Olivia, 37, were unaccompanied and were acting “totally romantic”, saying that Chris had “his arm around her at one point”.

The eyewitness also added that it seemed that Chris and Olivia were not trying to hide their PDA, although they did exercise some discretion in being photographed, saying that the two must have entered the restaurant from the kitchen.

This is the first time Chris has been publicly spotted dating, months after he and Anna first announced they were separating in August last year. The two have a son, a five-year-old named Jack.

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