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MACHIAVELLI CHOCOLATIER: Eurasian Fusion Chocolates



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Another favorite chocolate shop of mine is Machiavelli Chocolatier. For quite some time now, I keep on coming back to buy their famous Bacon Bars — which is very good! The founder, Raul Matias, was a Physical Therapist in the US before following his dream to become a world class chocolatier. He learned the craft — or should I say art — of making chocolates in the US, Canada and Europe, with that he incorporated his Asian roots. That’s why their chocolates are distinctively EURASIAN.



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Eurasian Fusion Specialties of Machiavelli Chocolatier.



Machiavelli offers not-your-ordinary chocolate bars, pralines and dragees. You won’t find their chocolates to other shops as their flavors are unique to the brand. Have you heard of chocolate bars with bacon bits? That’s my ultimate favorite, Alfie’s Bacon Bar. Other chocolate bars includes: Benny’s Morrocan Bar, Bobby’s Grand Marnier and Harold’s Cheese Bar (made with  Malagos Blue Peppato Cheese of Davao). 

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My favorite chocolate bars, I love how the contrasting flavors of bacon and chocolate explode in my palate.



For their pralines, which is also a equally delish like their chocolate bars. I recommend my all time favorites Purple Yam Yum, Jasmine Tea Rose, Muscovado Grass, Yema de Manila, Negros Crunch and Batangas Star. The names explains why they specializes on “Eurasian Fusion”.


The chocolate bars are sold at only 150 bucks! While the pralines are priced at Php55 (10 grams) and Php 80 (15 grams). The dragees are sold at Php395/box.


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I’m sure if you give a box of this chocolate, you’ll be in for a good, or should I say great, night!



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You can opt to have it on this elegant boxes! Available for Box of 6, 15 and 27. Price ranges from Php 550 to Php 2205.


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Machiavelli Chocolatier are available in the following locations: Rustan’s Makati, Ground Floor , Essenses Area, Glorietta 4.   Rustan’s Tower, 2nd Floor,  Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Ground Floor, Resorts World Manila.

Contact Number:  0916 2978729

FB: Machiavelli Chocolatier

Twitter: @machchocolatier

For more info about Machiavelli Chocolatier click here.


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