Chocolates from Villa del Conte, Machiavelli & Chocolate Fire will make your Valentine’s Day sweeter than ever!

When in Manila, there are three proudly Pinoy chocolatier — Villa del Conte, Machiavelli Chocolatier and Chocolate Fire — that would make your Valentine’s Day sweeter than ever! It “might” even get your date excited and ask for a wedding!


It is a given fact that besides Halloween we consume large amount of chocolates during Valentine’s Day — especially the girls! And believe me when I say that your girlfriends — fine, your date — wouldn’t be surprised anymore with the chocolates you can find at the supermarket aisle. It’s about time you give them luxury and delicious chocolates that are also budget-friendly!





 “Forget love … I’d rather fall in chocolate!” – Anonymous



I’m not a chocolate expert, but I can say that I fell in love with it and I know what chocolate tastes well. Filipinos, but not all, loves American chocolates. I see no problem with that, but they’re too sweet — sometimes even the dark chocolate variants. With that being said, I will share with you three Filipino owned chocolate shops that I really love and are perfect gift idea for your Valentine! 


VILLA DEL CONTE: An Italian chocolate love-affair






Believe it or not chocolates of Villa del Conte comes from the idyllic rural locale of the same name in Padova, Italy.  They are known to make artisanal chocolates from pure and quality chocolate beans, which is also the very reason why Italian chocolate is so good! 


chocolate day 30Jan2013

 Villa del Conte’s owner Vince Aldanese and Brand Manager Shey Mazon.

We sat down with Vince Aldanese, owner of this Filipino branded Italian chocolates. With Villa del Conte chocolates on our table, we talked nothing but chocolates and how the love affair began. “My wife and I were at a pilgrimage in Italy, and an Italian guy approached me because he thought that I was also an Italian married to a Filipina. He invited us to dinner and when we were going home to Manila we have one baggage full of chocolates.” Vince narrates.

chocolate day 24Jan2013


Villa del Conte’s Praline Balls. I swear I could finish a box of these!



He let his friends taste the chocolates and was asked to bring it here in the country. He was fortunate enough to get an approval from the Italian chocolate makers and up until now he is the sole distributors of it worldwide. “It’s a jackpot!” he acclaims. True enough, it has generated positive reviews and their loyal customers are keep on growing. Soon after that several kiosks were opened in upscale shopping malls.

chocolate day 25Jan2013


Villa del Conte’s Ovicini, or most famously known as “big M&Ms”.


chocolate day 34Jan2013


Truffles! Villa del Conte has Fig, Raisin, Chestnut and  Walnut. I highly recommend Fig! You must try it!


So here’s my two cents for this brand, I like that they let the customer picks the chocolates that goes inside the box, it’s not pre-packed which has the tendency to be filled with some flavors that you will not like. It’s beautifully packed in a box that will be perfect for your upcoming Valentine’s date. There are three box sizes: piccolo (8-10 pcs) medio (20-25 pcs) and grande (44-50 pcs); where price ranges from Php480 to Php1720, almost the same price of a large box of Ferrero!


MY PICKS: For the flavors, I love all of their domes and sticks but I highly recommend that you try Dark Chocolate in Coffee and Hazelnut Cream FillingsWhisky MochaTartufoneSalted ToffeeWatermelon, Banana and Blueberry. Or why not give a jar of Ovicini!




chocolate day 39Jan2013


It shouts “eat me” to every chocolate lovers!




chocolate day 40Jan2013



Villa Del Conte Cioccolato  are available in the following locations: 3F Edsa Shangri-la Plaza, 2F Greenbelt 5, 3F TriNoma, Ground Floor Resorts World Manila.

Contact Number:  +632 8932575 or +632 6216101

FB: Villa del Conte

Twitter: @VillaDelConte

For more info about Villa del Conte click here.



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