ChocNut Soft-Serve Ice Cream Exists and We Need It Now

If this new ice cream flavor is anywhere near as addictive as actual ChocNut then we are in big trouble. After all, ChocNut was always that snack you would start off with one, but by the end had finished the entire package. Combine that with silky soft-serve ice cream and you might never stop craving it again.

chocnut ice cream

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This ChocNut soft-serve is currently being offered by The Lost Bread. The flavor was created in partnership with the makers of ChocNut, so you know that it’ll be as authentically nostalgic as possible. The team behind this has said they really tried to target that element of sentimentality for those who grew up eating the candy.

chocnut ice cream 2

We can expect the ice cream to be a creamier version of the choco-peanut bar, with bits of ChocNut mixed into it as well. It is available in either cup or chocolate cookie ice cream. They also have the option of the Craft-Your-Own soft-serve cup which lets you choose from different toppings.

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The ChocNut soft-serve is on offer for a limited time only. It is available in all branches from the last week of May to the first week of June.

What other flavors do you think should be made into ice cream?