Chlorine-Free Diapers are Now Available in Manila!

I’ve always worried about which products would be best for my baby brother; and now, I’m about to have my own baby. I never thought there would be so many things that could be harmful to little ones, so I was so relieved to have found Appecrumby.

Though Applecrumby is originally from Malaysia, the products are now available in the Philippines through Laura’s Food Products Corporation. They are the exclusive agent and distributor of Applecrumby diapers here in the Philippines. So far, the products are only available online and at several baby bazaars.

These products were founded in October 2012 when the owners were looking for safe, natural and organic products for their own daughter. The rest is history. Now the company carries baby products like diapers, wipes, and detergents that stay true to their advocacy of providing affordable, safe, and natural organic products.

If you are wondering why you should switch to chlorine-free diapers, here’s why:

Most products in the market are bleached with chlorine, which has carcinogenic dioxins that may pose health risks to a developing baby. This can include immune system damage or hormonal disorders. Applecrumby doesn’t have chlorine or anthraquinone in it. The latter has been linked to colon cancer.


If you are thinking of trying to help the environment, Applecrumby diapers are a good choice, as well, because they do not have lignin, which is commonly found in diaper pulps and is non-biodegradable. Fortunately, Appecrumby doesn’t have this, and the diapers are made of biodegradable pulps.


Applecrumby has pull-up diapers and tape diapers available, depending on the need of your babies, toddlers, or kids. Check them out today!

Applecrumby Philippines


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