Chiringuito Offers Delicious Spanish Food in Boracay

If you ever crave delicious Spanish food while in Boracay, make sure to check out Chiringuito by Barcino!

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Photo from Chiringuito

Chiringuito: Delicious Spanish Food in Boracay

Chiringuito by Barcino offers a fresh take on Spanish cuisine on the island of Boracay. Freshly opened just a few months ago, the restaurant is located at Canyon de Boracay in Station 1, bringing delicious Spanish food to the island with fresh new flavors. Look forward to fresh seafood, unique concoctions, and coffee to kickstart your days in paradise.

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Photo from Chiringuito

Chiringuito believes that the best travelers are those who explore away from the center. Thus, they reward every explorer that goes out of their way to seek the freshest flavors. The minute you arrive at Chiringuito in Boracay, you will definitely feel a certain awe – as if you had discovered a new island altogether. Like their food, the ambiance is fresh to the eyes, tucked unexpectedly in a hotel. It’s like your own private oasis – a secret spot you can’t help but share.

Their food is just as colorful and oh-so-delicious – with the freshest seafood that’ll leave a lasting impression. They also offer the freshest concoctions that you’re meant to taste and remember. If you love cocktails, this is the best place to be. With their wide array of unique options, you’re sure to have a great night (or day – we won’t judge!) ahead.

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Photo from Chiringuito

So the next time you find yourself in Boracay, make sure to make your way to Chiringuito for a flavorful Spanish food adventure you won’t soon forget!

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