Chinese medical experts find Philippines unable to “cut off the source of the infection”

The 12-member Chinese medical expert team invited by the Department of Health to share their knowledge on epidemic prevention and treatment experience has reported their findings on the Philippines’ practices.

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According to a report from CCTV Asia Pacific, the team found that the Philippines “faced a significant risk of not being able to completely cut off the source of the infection.” This was based on a week’s worth of video conferences with local medical experts as well as 6 different hospital visits.

Weng Shangeng, head of the Chinese medical team, told CCTV Asia Pacific that this can be remedied by putting up a “Fangcang” hospital. “Fangcang” shelter hospitals are makeshift hospitals intended for the sole use of COVID-19 patients for large-scale medical isolation.

“Because of limited beds and testing capacity in the Philippines, many of the COVID-19 patients are still quarantined at home,” Weng said.

Transferring patients for observation and treatment at a “Fangcang” hospital should increase recovery rates and reduce infection rates.

“In this way, mild cases can be admitted to the hospital for observation so as to prevent the mild cases from becoming severe cases,” Weng explained.

The team also noted that the Philippines’ virus detection capacity would need to be improved.

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