Chinese-donated e-bikes for the Manila Police are spotted on Taft Avenue

Last January 28, 50 units of eco-friendly electric motorcycles were donated to the Manila Police District (MPD) by the Chinese embassy in the Philippines. These e-bikes were recently spotted in action along Taft Avenue the other day. They were supposedly given to enhance the MPD’s effectiveness at their job.

Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua stated during the turnover of the 50 e-motorcycles:

I take joy in the turn-over of the 50 units electric motorcycles donated by the Chinese embassy to the Manila government and its law enforcers as a gift and a token of our long-standing friendship.

We have every reason to expect even greater development of the practical cooperation between the two countries in various sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, trade, security, which is bound to bring more tangible benefits to the two peoples in the days to come.

Manila mayor Joseph Estrada was also at the ceremony. He responded in kind by saying:

This donation will be of great benefit to our Manila Police District, and will add to their capabilities in patrolling our streets, preventing criminal activity and securing the safety of the public.

With this donation, the MPD will be a strong force, better able to ensure peace and order in our streets. And with this, we move close to our goal to recapture Manila’s former glory, and be the ‘pearl of the orient’ once again.

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The e-bikes are meant to aid in the ‘capacity building’ of the Manila Police. No doubt this initiative also serves as part of China’s foreign policy strategy to foster ties through soft power. I only wonder if the numerous markings of their flag on the bikes was truly necessary.

What do you think of this donation? 


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