Chelsea Grand Cafe: Urban Food Within Reach

The restaurant essentially speaks of the food, they say. It’s the depth of what Chelsea Grand Cafe really is. I decided to take a peek at their breakfast meals and day-starters, so I invited colleagues, who are also foodies, to give it a thumbs up or down.


To rate, every dish can get a possible perfect 5 for that unforgettable gastronomic experience or the lowest 1 for a not-so-good taste.

Foodie Scale:

5 – Oh-my-goodness. I just forgot my name.

4 – Wow… Can I have more??

3 – Good. I can probably have another taste.

2 – I can probably try this next time

1 – I have tried this before

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice – 3.25


This is good for those who are not into extreme sweetness. It’s pure refreshing orange, enough to freshen up the palate.

Citrus & Passion Fruit Cooler – 4.25


I must say that this appealed to us the most. The right amount of sweet, sour, and tangy puts this cooler on the top of our list.

Banana Berry Yoghurt Smoothie – 2.75


For a pre-workout regiment, I must say this is the best option. It keeps the sugar low, yet the intake is enough to survive the day.

Mango, Apple, Cucumber, & Watermelon Breakfast Shake – 2.25


The simplicity in taste brings about mild refreshment.

U.S. Tapa Salpicado – 3.50

Cut in beef chunks and served with sunny-side-up eggs on top of garlic rice, this one is good. It would have been better if the meat was tender, but the sauce pumped up the taste anyway. It’s advisable to dip the beef chunks in their special vinegar sauce.

Italian Countryside – 2.75


For those who are used to the sausage combo breakfast, this can work as the actual meal. The side dish and eggs complete the Italian sausage ensemble.

Norwegian Eggs – 4.25


The bestseller among the favorites won our hearts. This must be the best of the breakfast meals they have. The taste of salmon in scrambled eggs with all the spices incorporated kept this darling on top of our list. This is highly recommended!

“Real” Corned Beef Hash – 4.00


This is my personal favorite because I am crazy about corned-beef-crazy. It comes second among the favorites. How the thin hash just blends with poached eggs, and seemingly, crunch-fried corned beef undeniably stimulated our palates. Another meal to recommend!

Peach Mango Rum Campote – 3.25


This waffle toss-up is enough to conclude a climactic kind of breakfast experience. How the peach is prepared in rum and cinnamon is nostalgic of the typical breakfast during sweet morning in the metro.

Parfait in the house!


Chelsea delighted us with this charmer in a jar. I would personally give this a 4.5. The combination of cookie, crumbles, ice cream, and peach kept me going. We all loved it!

I must say that that it was a pleasant foodie experience. It was a whole package considering the feel of the place and the taste of food. Chelsea Grand Cafe also serves lunch and dinner – something we will definitely try next time!

Chelsea Grand Cafe

Ground Floor, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City


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