Chefs For Peace Hold Tribute Dinner for SAF 44 on Feb 25 at Estancia Capitol Commons

One month after the tragic deaths of SAF 44 in Mamaspano , Maguindanao, Filipino chefs unite with a tribute dinner to celebrate the lives of these fallen police officers. On February 25 at 7pm,a tribute dinner will be held at the Lower Level, Etsancia at Capitol Commons in Pasig.
Chefs Sau del Rosario, Dino Datu , Jacki Laudico and Tatung Sarthou are preparing a simple yet meaningful four course dinner in tandem with XO46 Heritage Bistro, Café Mediterranean, Ba Noi’s and Jipan. Daryl Shy also graciously volunteered to perform at the dinner. There will be speeches, no fanfare…just simple, delicious food meant to be enjoyed and shared in the name of peace.

Chefs for peaceThe February 25 dinner kicks off as series of events by Chefs For Peace, an informal collaboration of chefs who responded to a Chef Tatung Sarthou’s call on social media to organize a tribute for the SAF 44. “ So many have answered the call”, says chef Tatung, “ it has been overwhelming.”. However Sarthou is quick to note that the event wasn’t planned around the spirit of charity alone, but more for the social involvement on the issue of inclusive peace rooted in the spirit of respect and understanding. “ We want to clarify that we do not wish to exclude our Muslim brothers in our efforts for peace. We are all Filipinos and are equally at a loss over this tragedy”.

In solidarity with the chefs who are all volunteers for the event, other partners in the food industry have also volunteered their time and products to make the event possible. Chefs For Peace aims to make use of culinary diplomacy as a platform for cultural understanding.

Dinner is priced at Php 1,044 per head . To reserve, please call XO46 Heritage Bistro at 5321652 or 09267052577 ( Edmond Roque) or post a request on the Facebook page of Chefs For Peace (

For more details: email ; Sandee Masigan 09188802525 (text only until Feb. 23…open for call after )



Chefs For Peace Hold Tribute Dinner for SAF 44 on Feb 25 at Estancia Capitol Commons

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