Chef Tatung: Filipino Cuisine at its finest!

When In Manila and searching for the finest dining experience, we often search for international cuisine that we primarily assume that fits this category. A perfect example would be Italian or Spanish cuisine that we often assume to be at the top of the finest cuisine around the globe. Is it really through this that we can truly experience fine dining and delectable taste? I believe not. I believe that cuisine is finest when only the best quality and top preparation is executed. This is Chef Tatung‘s specialty, bringing Filipino cuisine to the top of the game!




Chef Tatung is located at Acacia Estates in Taguig, and to be honest, I was actually wondering why it was located there. Upon arriving though and tasting the blissful dishes, I didn’t care of where it was located. This is a place you will give so much effort to come back again and again to!




Tasting all these ambrosial dishes was just like heaven on Earth! Being a very sensitive person regarding Filipino cuisine, I can’t just fathom how after tackling everything, I simply have no oil debris around my palate. I absolutely hate it when Filipino cuisine just leaves so much oil around my mouth, it gives a very uncomfortable feel after dining for me. Chef Tatung simply cleared this issue off even with all that Cebu Lechon that I feasted on. 


A big aspect that I found with Chef Tatung‘s dishes is also with how the textures played in my mouth. Texture is one of the main aspects of a cuisine that I notice right away, proper texture, layering of textures, flavor infusion with the textures, these are all very important for me since I usually get tired of the food if the dishes have the same texture, specifically with meat. Chicken, beef and pork begin to feel similar if the textures are the same and fed after each other. Chef Tatung truly creates different characteristics for each dish while maintaining integrity to the true Filipino cuisine. The textures of each dish is just phenomenal! The Balbacua was definitely to die for! Slow cooked for hours on a monitored temperature, it does not break and keeps a very gummy and delectable texture infused with thick and rich flavor. Quality and cooking integrity really is top notch class from Chef Tatung!




All dishes from Chef Tatung is put through a rigorous top quality cooking process without shortcuts and with the passion for cuisine as priority. Preparation and cooking style is uplifted into high standards and yet retains integrity to the dish. A perfect example of this is with Chef Tatung‘s “Poki-Poki”, visually, it somehow resembles a tray of Lasagna yet retains integrity to the taste of the dish and composition. The “Poki-Poki” was very smooth and soft that resembled a melt-in-your-mouth feel while bursting in flavor and warmth. No complications of mixing with international cuisine here, simply amazing Filipino food!




Chef Tatung‘s Cebu Lechon was magnificent in every single way! There was no sauce needed for this dish because of how unbelievably good it was! The Lechon skin was thick and very crunchy and yet, the meat part was extremely soft that it can easily be sliced or cut-off from the skin. A long and monitored cooking process was done as well with the Cebu Lechon to achieve this perfect complex texture that plays like a pied-piper in your mouth. Even the desserts were all made by Chef Tatung. A notable dessert favorite is the Pichi-pichi! After the buffet ran out of the Pichi-pichi, everyone was patiently waiting for a fresh batch to come, that’s how special it is.


Out of all places I have ventured for Filipino food, my heart was captivated by Chef Tatung. After devouring plate after plate, I never felt that annoying oily and fatiguing feel from eating. It is unbelievable how Chef Tatung is capable to create this feeling on the palate while giving such luscious flavor and texture. Simply AMAZING! Hands down the best Filipino cuisine I have tasted in the metro! Foreigners should see this as the spot to find the best Filipino food. No mixtures or combinations, just pure Filipino goodness. Chef Tatung, by far, is my favorite Filipino fine dining restaurant. I am pretty sure it is very tough to beat! Where else can you find a Sunday lunch buffet at P650 with world class culinary skill like this?


Watch out for Chef Tatung’s new dishes coming out very soon!







Photos by: Josephine Arce
Article by: Cholo Isungga


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Chef Tatung: Filipino Cuisine at its finest!