Cheesecakes by Guy: Paris’ Taste along with New York’s Standards Right in the Heart of the Metro

Cheesecakes by Guy: Experience Paris’ Taste Along with New York’s Standards Right Here

Eastwood City has a little gem hidden inside of it. Located at the 2nd floor of Eastwood Mall is this cheesecake joint that will make your tastebuds throw a party. We had the chance to taste some of their good stuff and also had a chat with the owner.

cheesecakes by guy

Gregory Guy, 27, went toĀ Le Cordon Bleu in Paris for his culinary training. After that, he worked forĀ Jean-Georges in New York for a year. Then, he went back home and continued to pursue his passion. At first, he was making cheesecakes and selling it on social media websites like Facebook. Then, he decided to open a restaurant of his own, and thus, “Cheesecakes by Guy” was born.

cheesecakes by guyCheesecakes by Guy, 2nd floor Eastwood Mall

According to Greg, they don’t use any canned ingredients to maintain the quality of their food. Instead, everything is chosen by hand. He said, “You dont need fancy and expensive ingredients; just use the proper ones”.Ā He has a passion for cooking eggs properly – something he learned in New York. He said most Filipinos can’t cook eggs properly, which is why he uses an immersion circulator to consistently cook his eggs.

cheesecakes by guyImmersion Circulator for Eggs

Cheesecakes by GuyĀ has a nice chill vibe inside, perfect for romantic dinners, readers, or anyone who enjoys very good food. They have an excellent service and a disciplined staff that was personally trained by Greg. Apparently, during the hiring process, Greg didn’tĀ look at their school too much. He paid more attention to their listening skills. According to Greg, theirĀ menu is very basic, but also the best that they can provide. He quoted, “The simplest things are the hardest to make”. TheĀ prices are just right, too.

cheesecakes by guyThe Menu

cheesecakes by guy

cheesecakes by guyTuna Melt

The panini is crispy and light. TheĀ tunaĀ is fresh and juicy. According to Greg, he gets his tuna fresh from Dampa. The Tuna Melt a lot of stuffing, and is perfectly cooked.

cheesecakes by guy

cheesecakes by guySmoked Salmon Benedict

The salmon is cold smoked in the Philippines. It’s chewy, doesn’t flake, and isn’t too salty. The eggs, of course, are cooked just right. As promised, everything tastes fresh. Greg uses whole wheat pandesal instead of english muffins for this. As a salmon guy, I recommend this 100%.

cheesecakes by guy

cheesecakes by guySpinach and Goat Cheese Egg White OmeletteĀ 

The egg white is just marvellous – the first time I tasted something like it in the Philippines. Perfect when it’s hot.



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