Cheesecakes by Guy: Paris’ Taste along with New York’s Standards Right in the Heart of the Metro

cheesecakes by guyLemon Cheesecake

Greg’s personal favorite cheesecake of his. It has just the right sweetness and tangy feel of lemon. Very smooth, rich and lovely. Eating it is like watching kids play on a chill sunny day.

cheesecakes by guyTriple Chocolate Cheesecake

So far, the most delicious chocolate cheesecake I have ever tasted. It has a strong chocolate flavor, but isn’t too sweet or too bitter. It’s very smooth, rich and creamy, too. It has a dark delicious aftertaste that will keep you coming back for more. This piece of cake is to die for.

cheesecakes by guyRed Velvet 

A slice of red velvet covered with cream cheese frosting with a cheesecake layer in-between. Not too sweet unlike other red velvets out there. It is also soft and creamy.

cheesecakes by guyMocha Iced Coffee 

50% Americano, 50% robusta. This coffee goes well with Greg’s homemade chocolate syrup. 

cheesecakes by guyGinger Soda

Greg’s homemade soda is strong and goes really well with the Tuna Melt, which really brings out the rich ginger flavour.

cheesecakes by guyHomemade Coffee Cheesecake Ice Cream 

This comes in 4 different flavours: vanilla, chocolate, coffee and classic. It’s very thick and rich in flavour.

As you can see, Cheesecakes by Guy is not just the home of the best cheescakes in town; it also serves the best meals at very affordable prices. Greg said, “I don’t have any specialties, I just cook the right ingredients properly”. We highly recommend you check them out! 

cheesecakes by guyCheesecakes by Guy

2nd floor Eastwood Mall
Facebook Page
584-33-72 / 634-43-62


Cheesecakes by Guy: Experience Paris’ Taste Along with New York’s Standards Right Here


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