Check Out This Stackable Tetris-Inspired Lamp!

According to its official website, Tetris was invented in 1984 by computer programmer Alexey Pajitnov. To refresh your memory, the goal of the game is to clear as many lines as possible by arranging the puzzle pieces and completing horizontal rows of blocks before the Tetriminos surpass the Skyline. Its puzzle pieces are seven distinctive shapes made up of four squares which made the game iconic. It was one of the best video games of its time and it never gets old.

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If you are of those who enjoyed playing this game back in the day, or maybe even until now because you can still play it for free on their website, then you will definitely love this stackable Tetris-inspired lamp we found on Lazada!

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Just like the real game, it has 7 geometric pieces in different colors. When stacked together, the pieces light up and make an awesome night light! You can even assemble them in any way you want and the LED lights will still turn on.

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Its colorful neon lights make it a perfect addition to your gaming room! Plus, it gives off a nostalgic feel.

This 3D brick game works as a decorative lamp for Tetris fans, as well as a fun toy for children.

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