Check out Kobe Bryant’s Final On-Court Shoe!

The Black Mamba might be leaving the court, but his legacy will live on – especially in this shoe.

Kobe 11

Dubbed as the “Kobe 11”, this low-top sneakers will be the last pair Kobe Bryant will wear on the NBA court.

The Kobe 11 features Nike’s Flyknit technology, while adding a new addition to the mix: pearlescent fibers known as thermoplastic urethane (TPU) yarn, which provides superior strength.

It’s lightweight, responsive, and sophisticated design result in high performance; one that mirrors Kobe Bryant’s design legacy that extends the champion’s on-court perfectionism.

Expected to arrive in the Philippines on January, the Kobe 11 launch colorway, called Achilles Heel, sports a deep red and black shoe that features subtle nods to the Greek hero and Bryant’s own career.

The Kobe 11 Achilles Heel design is worth noting: it features a graphic representation of the hero on the right heel, while the left features four-stitch marks representing the four feet of thread used in Bryant’s 2013 Achilles surgery.

Kobe 11 (1)

Beginning in 2004 with the Nike Huarache 2K4, Bryant’s signature line – a partnership between the legendary athlete and Nike designer Eric Avar – has repeatedly introduced technical breakthroughs to basketball, including Flywire, Nike Free-inspired natural motion, advanced proprioception and Flyknit.

Now with over 11 silhouettes, Bryant and Avar have set a high bar for personal narratives embedded in signature lines. Here’s a video on Kobe’s shoe lab:


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