CHECK IT OUT: That Line at National Museum, Though!

Since the last few months of last year, people had been on the lookout for free admissions in National Museum and just a few weeks ago, they announced that their admission will be permanently free!

Check out this photo captured and posted by Jan Michael Marasigan:

national museum line

His caption for the photo was, “Nope. That’s not a queue at the cinema booth. That’s the line going in the museum. And we weren’t able to get in. Intramuros, wait for us ayt? #‎museum‬ ‪#‎heritage‬ ‪#‎history‬ ‪#‎culture‬” 

He said he expected the long line already, but didn’t expect it to be that long. Still, it’s a great thing to witness because it shows that people are much more interested to check out the historical exhibits now.

Thank you, National Museum, for the eternal free entrance! I’m looking forward to visiting again!

What was your National Museum experience?