Channel Staycation Vibes with These Fragrances That Smell Like Your Fave Hotels 

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One of the things we miss pre-pandemic is stepping into a hotel and smelling the fragrance of the place. Hotels have a distinct aroma that make us go “ah, yes, this smells like Sofitel” or “this is definitely Shangri-La.” If you miss the luxurious smells of these hotels, check out Puresence Aromatherapy because they have a line that mimics these little slices of heaven.

Another awesome thing: Puresence uses 100% pure essential oils, fragrance scents, roller-blends, and diffusers sourced from all over the world to ensure the finest quality. They source from countries like France, Australia, Italy, and more.

Puresence is a quarantine baby developed by Brigette Ong and her sisters.

Recognizing that 100% pure essential oils and other aromatherapy products can be expensive, they found a way to offer that luxury at affordable price points.

It truly is luxurious. Their hotel-inspired scents bring us back to those times when we can easily go out and book weekend staycations in five-star places. According to Ong, “with the hotel series, we want people to experience luxury staycation vibes safely at home.”

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The range includes Shangri-La, a floral-woody fragrance with notes of cedarwood, jasmine, and vanilla; and Sofitel, a more earthy aroma with notes of sandalwood, bergamot, and white rose. There’s also Conrad, a floral and light scent with ginger flower, leafy greens, lemon, jasmine, lily, violet, lilac, neroli, and vanilla bean. While not a hotel, Fresh Clean captures the indulgence of Rockwell with a fresh and musky scent with vanilla and honey notes. We got to try the Shangri-La and loved how bright, refreshing, and almost citrusy it is. Rockwell has a deeper and more elegant bouquet to it.

If you want more traditional fragrances, Puresence has your back. They have classics like Peppermint to help improve mental focus and stress relief, Lavender to boost sleep quality and reduce anxiety, Lemon for better energy, and Citronella to keep the mosquitoes away.

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They also have blends such as Fresh Bamboo, a light and fresh scent meant to remind you of “nature, the outdoors, and the rainforest.” Then there’s our all-time favorite, the White Tea. This is a heavenly fusion of bergamot, lemon, and orange. It’s so hard to describe the fragrance but the closest description we can come up with is “amoy mayaman.” We got this as a room and linen spray and a fragrance oil. We generously mist our bedsheet and pillows, and add a few drops of the fragrance oil in a mist diffuser. Truly wonderful.

Puresence’s fragrances are available as fragrance scents, room and linen sprays, and hanging diffusers. You can use the fragrance scents with their ultrasonic diffusers, perfect for those who are part of #TeamKahoy. They also have handy roller blends called Migraine and Sleep.

If you want to turn your home into a luxurious hotel-like space, or you want to infuse it with classic scents, try Puresence!


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