New Year, New Me: Change Your Look this 2017 with the Help of These Awesome Places

We’ve heard “New Year, New Me” before! It may be the most commonly used phrase during New Year. But aside from this meaning changing your outlook in life, a new look should also be in order!

Whether you want to change your hairstyle, make-up, or nails, here are some suggestions we have for you in changing your look this 2017!

5. Look like a gentleman

A new look is not just for the ladies. Men can also play up their look and get some proper grooming to look like a gentleman! After all, chivalry is not dead. You can get a haircut and other treatments at Bruno’s Barbers which is almost at all malls in and around the Metro.

New Year, New Me: Change Your Look this 2017 with the Help of These Awesome Places

Bruno’s Barbers

4. Sizzle this summer

Planning a summer vacation? Whether it’s for the brows, legs, underarms, or intimates, waxing is a great way to get rid of your body hair. You can get organic waxing at Hey! Sugar who offers a wide range of waxing services that are too sweet to pass on.


Hey! Sugar

3. A cool and colorful new you

Whether going with the trend of some fringe, a short cut, or sporting a new hair color, Vivere will help you achieve that new look that will surely turn heads.

Up Close and Personal with Vivere Salon Trinoma's Styles of Summer

Vivere Salon

2. “Nail” your style goals

Aside from a new wardrobe and hair, your nails should also be in style. How about some nail art? Monochromatic matte colors? Or maybe some chrome nails? You can get those done at Nailaholics.

Nailaholics Gel Polish


1. Bat those lashes

Eyes are very expressive and if you want to further make your ~stare~ quite irresistible, some eyelash extensions can help you! Kiyosa is an expert on making your eyeslashes more beautiful than ever.

Achieve Total Beauty with Kiyosa

Tel Nos. (+63-2)805-8888 / 0939-9158888

The pressures of the new year can make you feel down, but that is just another reason to pamper yourself. Go on and get a make-over! You deserve it.

What is your #BeautyGoal this 2017? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!