Change Is Really Coming, Literally: Duterte Returns Campaign Donation Excess

Change is really coming, literally as president-apparent Rodrigo Duterte is reportedly returning the excesses from his campaign donations.

Marion Raagas, a member of Duterte’s campaign team, posted the following photo of blank checks on his Facebook page. He said that these checks will be sent back to Duterte’s campaign donors.

He captioned the post with:

Campaign Fund Contribution REFUND

What greeted me this morning as I walk into my office was a bunch of checks that I need to sign. These checks represent the pro-rated amounts of excess campaign fund contributions for Duterte campaign team (coursed thru Anonymous Patriots). I suppose this is the first time in our country’s history that excess campaign funds are voluntarily returned to generous campaign contributors. Normally, traditional politicians just pocket the difference or perhaps fund handlers just “split the loot” amongst themselves. It is also interesting to note that Mayor Duterte himself has repeatedly turned down financial contributions (regardless of amount) if fund contributor is identified to have corrupt practices or have questionable integrity. I have been a direct witness to this. Change is not coming. CHANGE is already HAPPENING!

What do you think of change literally coming… back?

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