Chandler and Monica from Friends Reportedly Dating in Real Life!

Attention to all FRIENDS fans, have you heard the latest news?  Well, in case you haven’t, rumor has it that Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox might actually be dating in REAL LIFE!

According to various sources, Courteney ended her engagement with Johnny McDadaid of Snow Patrol earlier this month. And of course, we all need someone to lean on during times like these right? Who better to turn to than her TV husband, Matthew Perry. Unknown sources claim that after the break up, Courteney called over Matthew to talk which was said to have led to some hooking up.

chandler and monica (01)
I don’t know about you, but this couple has been one of my favorites ever since! Nothing beats falling in love with your best friend, even IF it was just on TV.

What do you think of Chandler and Monica actually dating in real life?

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