Celsius Cafe Lounge: Fall in love with Third Wave Coffee at the Heart of Marikina City

The love for coffee is undeniable. People all over the world can agree that coffee has become a staple in our daily routine. Whether it’s the first (or only) thing you have in the morning before work or school, or the last thing you have before you sleep; coffee will surely be there.

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In recent years, people have started to show a deeper love for coffee. Thus, Third Wave Coffee was brought to life. Unpopularly, Third Wave Coffee is like artisanal food. In Third Wave Coffee, beans are treated with the utmost care for consumers to enjoy the best of coffee.

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Here in the Philippines, there aren’t a lot of coffee shops offering Third Wave Coffee just yet. There are only a limited number of shops offering this experience, a lot of which are situated within Central Metro Manila.

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If you happen to be living in (or near) the Eastern Side of Manila, we are happy to tell you that a coffee shop recently opened waving the Third Wave coffee flag!

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Situated in the nation’s shoe capital, Marikina, Celsius is a proud Third Wave Coffee shop dedicated to bringing the best out of their locally and internationally-imported beans. Partnered with their equally good food and ambient space, customers are sure to have a splendid and relaxing experience there.

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Here is a glimpse of their renowned artisanal menu:

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Agent Orange (Php180)

For the ultimate Third Wave Coffee experience, we’d recommend first-time coffee lovers to get their drinks infused with floral or fruity flavors. Agent Orange, as the name suggests, imparts a citrus flavor.

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Banana Smoothie (Php180)

Feeling fruity? Don’t worry! Celsius has something up your alley. The house offers a fresh fruit smoothie option for customers depending on which fruits are in season. A good thing to note about their smoothies is that they’re completely sugar-free!

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Espresso Affogato (Php180)

If you are big on ice cream and espresso, try their espresso affogato! The strong espresso shot balances out the creaminess of their vanilla ice cream, creating an irresistible dessert.

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Coffee Jelly (Php115)

We Filipinos love jelly and Celsius’ coffee jelly is no exception. Coffee-flavored jelly cubes are served over a delightful coffee-infused cream.

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Carbonara (Php250)

Pair your cup of handmade coffee with the house’s rendition of this classic favorite. I guarantee that their Carbonara is worth going back for!

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Spanish Sardines (Php260)

Personally, this won my heart, too. I love their Spanish Sardines pasta because the dish is cooked to perfection. Generous servings of Spanish sardines are topped over the pasta.

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Ham, Bacon, and Cheese Sandwich (Php200)

As they started to gain the attention of many students within the Marikina and Quezon City areas, Celsius began offering sandwiches. This one, which happens to be another favorite of mine, has several types of cheese in it along with generous slices of bacon and ham.

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Sukiyaki Beef Tapa (Php240)

Besides their pasta and sandwich offerings, Celsius serves rice meals, too! I recommend trying their Sukiyaki Beef Tapa and Garlic Longganisa.

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Garlic Longganisa (Php180)

They’re really filling and delicious! If you get to visit them in the morning, they also offer free in-house coffee.

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy true coffee in its purest form, visit Celsius Cafe in Marikina! I guarantee you’ll keep coming back here if you’re a fellow coffee-lover.

Celsius Cafe Lounge

Lamp Quarters, Gil Fernando Avenue, Brgy. Santo Niño, Marikina

Open Daily: 11AM – 11PM