Cebu Safari and Adventure Park: The Newest Kid-Friendly Tourist Destination in Cebu

The cheetah’s spot in the park is pretty far from the other animals, making it easy to miss. It’s near the Sulcatta Tortoise and just before the house of Michel Lhuillier.

11 Cebu Safari cheetah


12 Cebu Safari hyena

There are also nocturnal animals inside the Cebu Safari like this Sleeping Striped Hyena.

A few steps outside Michel’s Pavilion, you’ll hear the ‘kiss squeaks’ of the orangutan. As per the staff, this is normal when they are playing with the Gibbon in the afternoon.

13 Cebu Safari orangutan

Bornean Orangutan

Cebu Safari is home to reptiles, too, like crocodiles.

14 Cebu Safari crocodile 1

This is probably the place where I saw the most crocodiles together.

15 Cebu Safari crocodile 2

Philippine Crocodiles

Guests have the option to feed the crocodiles with raw chicken (quarter cut) for Php50. Feel free to try it so you can see how crocodiles enjoy their food.

Among the animals inside the safari, the Sulcata Tortoise is the most reachable one as there are no barriers. However, there are lots of signs everywhere that they are not allowed to be touched.

16 Cebu Safari tortoise

Sulcata Tortoise

The only interactive bird in the safari is this Blue and Gold Macaw. It’s the only bird you can touch and feed.

17 Cebu Safari macaw 1

18 Cebu Safari macaw 1

Blue and Gold Macaw being fed nuts and seeds

You have the option to feed the bird while it’s on a branch or it can rest on your shoulders while you hold their food.

19 Cebu Safari peacock

Blue or Indian Peafowl flashing its blue and green plumage

Although the safari has been in the making for 40 years, it only went public last December 2017 and from December 2017 to March 2018, the park was on a reservations only basis. They didn’t accept walk-ins until April 2018.

Generally speaking, the overall vibe of the place reminds me of the Night Safari in Singapore. Apparently, the park has the same zoologist as Singapore’s Night Safari. What sets them apart, though, is that they’ll be adding adventure rides like ziplines and ATVs within the year.

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It’s good to note that the animals can walk freely in their own habitats here. While they may be in gated areas, they aren’t in cages, thus the term ‘safari’ instead of ‘zoo’.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Carmen, Cebu

0995 835-3460


Instagram: @cebusafariph


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