Cebu Safari and Adventure Park: The Newest Kid-Friendly Tourist Destination in Cebu

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is located in the municipality of Carmen which is about a two-hour drive from Cebu City and Mactan-Cebu International Airport. As of writing, the best way to get to the safari is via private vehicle.

01 Cebu Safari house

Hacienda M. Lhuillier, a gated house found in the middle of the safari

Upon entering the safari’s premises, all guests are required to undergo a short briefing done by the staff. This briefing includes a short history of Cebu Safari and Adventure Park and a reminder of the Park’s Policies. According to the staff, the 100-hectare park is owned by Michel Lhuillier (same owner of the M. Lhuillier pawnshop and ML Kwarta Padala remittance centers). The safari was the result of his love for collecting animals. The animals were flown from different countries like France and US. Part of the briefing was the schedule of the animals, too. The African Savannah is only available until 2PM and the tiger’s shifting schedule.

02 Cebu Safari tickets

Ticket Prices

Adults can get in for a fee of Php800 while tickets for children 2-3 feet tall can be availed at a 50% discount. As for children below two feet, they get in for FREE!

Cebu Safari map

Safari Map (Photo grabbed from Cebu Safari and Adventure Park’s website)

For 800 pesos, you’ll be able to tour the whole park via foot and/or tram and avail of a plated lunch meal in Michel’s Pavilion.

03 Cebu Safari pavilion

Michel’s Pavilion

Beside Michel’s Pavilion, you’ll be able to see the giraffes walking a little freely.

They have one male (top) and one female (bottom) giraffe named Fred and Lola, respectively.

05 Cebu Safari giraffe female

The Bengal tigers are out by 8 in the morning and have 2-hour shifts.

It’ll start with the ‘regular’ tiger and after 2 hours, the rare white tiger will be released for viewing.

08 Cebu Safari white tiger 2

White Bengal Tiger

The African Savanna is home to five animals: Plain Zebra, Impala, Greater Kudu, Blesbok, and Blue Wildebeest.

09 Cebu Safari savanna

African Savanna

10 Cebu Safari wildebeest

Blue Wildebeests

The Savanna is only open to people until 2PM and can also be accessed by a tram. A staff member will guide you and share some trivia and facts about the five animals as the tram circles the whole savanna.

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