Catriona Gray Defends Her Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

Catriona Gray was unafraid to voice out her opinion on supporting the LGBTQ+ community in response to criticism regarding her “compromising” her religion for it.

In a recent Instagram post, Catriona greeted everyone a “Happy Pride” which sparked questions from netizens regarding her support for the community.

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“What happen[ed] @catriona_gray about your testimony about your christianity? Please do not compromise,” a netizen asked in a now-deleted comment.

Catriona responded by saying that religion shouldn’t be an excuse to trample on the rights of other individuals.

Catriona Gray Response LGBT

“My belief as a Christian does not limit me from fighting for the rights of others,” she said. “I love my God and love my fellow brothers and sisters. Religion is never an excuse to hate, put down or act indifferent to the suffering of others. I believe God is love, and I will treat everyone – no matter who they are, to [the] best of my ability, with love.”

Many fans and people from the LGBTQ+ community have since expressed their gratitude to the Miss Universe Queen for defending them.

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