Catalyst: Act Responsibly. Think Sustainability.


Are You Ready to Join the Green Side?

WHO : PIIE-ORSP Adamson University Chapter together with Adamson Chemical Engineering Society

WHAT : “Catalyst: Act Responsible. Think Sustainable.”

WHERE : OZ Conference

WHEN : September 23, 2016(Part 1) and October 1, 2016 (Part 2)

For more information, call “Deam Rose Berte” 09357779301

Catalyst: Act Responsible. Think Sustainable. An environmental event that will open the eyes and mind to the reality of the suffering of Mother Earth

PIIE-ORSP Adamson University Chapter is joining forces together with the Adamson Chemical Engineering Student Society to take one step forward to saving the environment effective on September 24, 2016. The event is about the environmental welfare of the Philippines and the awareness of our country with regards to the issues of the Philippines’s natural resources. The speaker for the event would be Mr. Arpit Shrivastava, Sustainability & Risk Consultant at ECC International; he will be opening our eyes as he unveils what is happening in our environment.

The objectives of the event would be the following:

  1. To understand the 16 SDGs
  2. To be aware of the possible outcomes/effects of the change happening on Earth’s Natural Forces
  3. To know the innovation of technology as aids for these calamities

We, from PIIE-ORSP Adamson University Chapter, together with the Adamson Chemical Engineering Student Society, present this event to help uphold the understanding of the 16 SDGs and to encourage students the importance of nurturing our environment.

About PIIE-ORSP Adamson University Chapter

PIIE-ORSP AdU Chapter is a merged organization of the PIIE and the ORSP, as a chapter in Adamson University. As a merged organization, our goal is to raise up Adamsonians who would be able to bear a good name for the university in their chosen career paths as an Industrial Engineer or as an Operations Research Practitioner, and to promote camaraderie among all its possible members and as well as with other university chapters nationwide. To learn more, visit us at

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