Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe: The Restaurant with a View

Would you like your meals with the grand Mt. Banahaw as a view? Yes, please. 🙂

When in Manila, head your way to Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe in Lucena, Quezon and have a unique and relaxing dining experience — overlooking Alitaoo River and Mt. Banahaw!


This is the part 2 of my Villa Javierto Getaway in Lucena, Quezon.



Catalino’s Restaurant offers Filipino dishes that were crafted and perfected by their mother and handed to the family. The Cafe on the other hand, serves their signature hot Tsokolate drink and Filipino-inspired pasta and sandwiches. Tulingan, Adobo or Laing pasta, anyone?


You can have merienda and have a very relaxing afternoon while looking over Alitaoo River.


The grand Mt. Banahaw ready for your viewing while you have your meals at Catalino’s

Rise early and have nature as your wake-up call. A breakfast with Mt. Banahaw sounds wonderful as well. 


Eggs and dried tapa to start your day!


Longganisang Lucban and fried Kesong Puti. 


Daing Kalaso and their hot tsokolate paired with suman. 


Beef Tapa and a closer look of your morning view.


Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe has this very charming and comfortable ambience — and an al fresco dining experience too. Just like the rest of Villa Javierto, the restaurant and cafe is adorned with antique furniture (which are also for sale) and other unique decos. If a piece gets sold, they replace it with a different antique piece and add a few more to keep the facade interesting.



For lunch, Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe served us their version of various Filipino dishes.


What we had: Laing, Ensaladang Paco, Crispy Daing na Bangus, Pork Binagoongan and a very unique version of Sinigang na Hipon.


Fresh Ensaladang Paco.


Pork Binagoongan and Crispy Daing na Bangus.


Catalino’s served us their very interesting Sinigang na Hipon — with coconut water as broth and coconut flesh! It’s just like the typical sinigang but with a sweet taste because of the buko water and flesh.


If you’re just up for an afternoon merienda, you can have some tea on their cottage-turned-cafe, still overlooking a beautiful view.


Conversations will always be interesting and fun when you’re with good friends or family in a quaint and quiet  place.


The window with a view.


What would make an afternoon more perfect? Catalino’s Special Halo-Halo


It was love at first taste. Their Halo-Halo reminded me of Bangkok’s Coconut ice cream that I really love.


Unlike the typical halo-halo, Catalino’s version is of coconut milk, yummy macapuno, garbanzos and topped with ube ice cream and pinipig. Their version would make others run for their money! So make sure you’ll give it a try when you visit Lucena, it’s a must!


Catalino’s is not just for breakfast, lunch or merienda. Dinner at Catalino’s can be very intimate and romantic. Perfect to end your date with a loved one. Us were very casual and fun as we shared our dinner with the Pilar sisters and talked about our favorite tv shows. 


Grilled squid and Kare-Kare.

We also had Sisig but it was too good that I forgot that I was supposed to take a photo. Haha! I guess I was just enjoying our dinner too much!


And of course, there’s always room for dessert! 

Crispy Leche Flan. Leche flan wrapped in lumpia wrapper, deep fried and served with caramel sauce.


 Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe at night. 


After that day’s food trip, my day surely ended well. Good thing Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe is part of Villa Javierto — rest and relaxation in their bed and breakfast and good food all in one place.


When in Manila and you need to relax and rewind, visit Villa Javierto and make sure to dine at Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe. Don’t forget to try their Halo-halo! I highly recommend it! 



Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe at Villa Javierto

2497 Gulang-Gulang, Lucena City

(042) 710-5753 / 716-4982





Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe: The Restaurant with a View


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